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The Right To Video Cops and Security


A female officer spotted Hurlbut recordingand told him that he was not allowed to take pictures. Hurlbut took a few steps back, but continued recording as the security guards brought the arrestee to their cruiser.

After the man was placed in the cruiser, a male trolley cop approached Hurlbut, demanded to see his trolley pass, and told him to stop taking pictures. Hurlbut asked if it was against the law and the guard replied that it was. Hurtlbut asked again and the guard responded “It’s against out rights.” Hurlbut asked the guard what law made it illegal to take pictures, but the guartd refused to give him an answer. Finally, Hurlbut shut off the camera out of fear that the trolley cops might confiscate it and delete his footage.

Hurlbut said that several minutes after he shut off his camera, he was approached by another trolley cop who demanded to see his pass. Hurlbut said he produced it and the officer grabbed it out of his hands and threatened him.

On September 18, Ken Moller, president of Heritage Security Services, the company that employed the trolley cops, issued an apology to Hurlbut and confirmed that it is legal to take pictures and shoot video. “We have no right to tell people they can’t shoot down there,” he said. “My officers were wrong in telling him that. And I put that word out as soon as I saw the video. It’s a public place and people can certainly shoot video down there if they want to.

Heritage Security Services refused to release the arrest report for the smoker despite the fact that Hurlbut’s video showed the trolley cops using excessive force.


Carlos Miller, “Photographer receives apology after armed guards harass him for shooting video,” Photography is Not a Crime, February 5, 2010

Kathryn Snyder, “We Don’t Want You Taking Pictures,” San Diego Reader, February 24, 2010


Hurlbut’s footage of the incident

News video about the incident

12th & Imperial Transit Center, San Diego, CA 92101

Source: copblock.org

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Los Angeles, CA Police Officer Detains Photographer, Calls Him A “Fruitcake”

Updated Jul 30, 2011

On February 21, 2010, a photographer began taking pictures of a police officer conducting a traffic stop. The officer spotted him and launched into a tirade: “Me, I’m a citizen of this country. I was in the Marine Corps a few years getting shot at for you. You can move along,” he told the photographer.

When the photographer did not leave, the officer angrily called him a “fruitcake” and told him he was being detained for taking pictures. The officer looked up information about him in his computer and informed him that he had unresolved parking tickets.

The officer insisted that photographing people without their permission is illegal, however, he did not cite or arrest the photographer.
The incident was caught on video by the photographer, apparently unbeknownst to the officer.


Dennis Romero, “Caught On Tape: LAPD Officer Calls Photographer ‘Fruitcake,’ Detains Him,” LA Weekly, June 2, 2010


Source: copblock.org

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Atlanta, GA Police Harass Copwatchers For Filming Traffic Stop

Two members of East Atlanta Copwatch saw police officer conducting a traffic stop and began recording. One of the officers approached them, told them that what they were doing was illegal, then accused them of blocking the sidewalk, and ordered them to leave. The officer ignored multiple requests to identify himself.

The Copwatchers continued to document the traffic stop and noticed another officer sitting in a police cruiser who pointed his phone at them and appeared to take pictures of them.

The Copwatchers continued recording and were again ordered to leave. They ignored the orders and continued to document the traffic stop.



Source: copblock.org

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COPBLOCK.ORG – What A Great Site

If you are many people who just don’t trust cops anymore, then you will find this site to be one of your favorites, it is dedicated to holding the cops accountable for their actions as we should.

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