Many say they have been stopped, questioned, searched, or arrested without legal reason. because they were on a motorcycle, wore motorcycle club support clothing & stickers on their bikes, motorcycle vest with club patches on them, or because they had on clothing of a certain color. Police profiling of “Bikers“, generally, as practiced by police, is the reliance on a group of characteristics they believe to be associated with crime.

This type of “profiling” is used to determine which “motorcyclists” to stop for no reason or minor traffic violations which typically leads to search & seizure for illegal contraband.

Have you been a victim of this type of illegal policing? If so, please use this page to tell your story, if you have an attorney and have a case regarding to what has happened to you, please do not discuss your incident here.

This page is more for people who have been pulled over and had police harass, discriminate, violate their rates, give them a hard time for being a supporter of a club or pull you over because you are wearing a patch. As we all know they give you a bogus excuse for pulling you over and then start asking questions that has nothing to do with why they pulled you over.

There is no site out there that is collecting data on bad cops, that is why I have put this blog together. How to use this page: Just tell your story and remember to include important details; where it happened, the date, police agency, the reason they stopped you, did you get a ticket, were you searched, did they arrest you, did they take your picture, any statements they made to you and if they abused (use of force)  you.

May 01, 2013

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5 thoughts on “Discussion

  1. This is where we can talk and discuss the issues of Police Profiling or any other unfair/injustices that you have encountered. But keep in mind don’t give too much details about your case or situation.

  2. Currently looking up which cities don’t have online complaint forms and which ones don’t allow you to pick up a form to take home to complete.

  3. As seen on the FBI’s website: Outlaw Motorcycle (OMGs) – OMGs are organizations whose members use their motorcycle clubs as conduits for criminal enterprises. Although some law enforcement agencies regard only One Percenters as OMGs, the NGIC, for the purpose of this assessment, covers all OMG criminal organizations, including OMG support
    and puppet clubs.

    One Percenter OMGs – ATF defines One Percenters as any group of motorcyclists who have voluntarily made a commitment to band together to abide by their organization’s rules enforced by violence and who engage in activities that bring them and their club into repeated and serious conflict with society and the law. The group must be an ongoing organization, association of three (3) or more persons which have a common interest and/or activity characterized by the commission of or involvement in a pattern of criminal or delinquent conduct. ATF estimates there are approximately 300 One Percenter OMGs in the United States.

  4. Rick Carne says:

    file your complaints.document ALL stops by the “goon squad” send in your complaints with “Affidavits of truth” (statement of the facts) to “Civilian review board” if using the mail send certified return receipt. and also file with your county recorders office or city hall also send with a copy of this below…

    California Civil code 52.3
    (a) No governmental authority, or agent of a governmental
    authority, or person acting on behalf of a governmental authority,
    shall engage in a pattern or practice of conduct by law enforcement
    officers that deprives any person of rights, privileges, or
    immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the
    United States or by the Constitution or laws of California.
    (b) The Attorney General may bring a civil action in the name of
    the people to obtain appropriate equitable and declaratory relief to
    eliminate the pattern or practice of conduct specified in subdivision
    (a), whenever the Attorney General has reasonable cause to believe
    that a violation of subdivision (a) has occurred.

    and if the Atty Gen. doesn’t follow up, then list him on the complaint and sue the bastard too.

    if all you do is complain about how the pigs are always stopping you and you do nothing then they will always be stopping you! stop complaining and start documenting!!
    Rick, PECKERWOODS MC, California

  5. So, true, we must document their actions. Thanks Rick

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