More than 150 Hells Angels, other bikers block road during police showdown on Vancouver Island

Police say that more than 150 motorcyclists breezed through a roadside check that police tried to set up on Vancouver Island.

Police Profiling Patches: These type of traffic check points are unconstitutional as they are profiling bikers and violate the right of people on motorcycles.

More than 150 motorcyclists — including members of Hells Angels — flouted police authority Saturday when the group refused to stop at a roadside check on Vancouver Island.

According to Sgt. Lindsey Houghton, police had information that the bikers would participate in a group ride Saturday and set out to conduct safety checks. Police officers from the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of B.C. and other integrated road safety units then gathered near Duncan to monitor and halt the large group of motorcyclists, who had plans to travel from Nanaimo to Victoria on the Island Highway.

“The bikers, many of whom were observed allegedly ignoring red lights at intersections, speeding, and unsafely passing other vehicles on the road after leaving Nanaimo, were stopped on Highway 1 southbound near the North Cowichan Municipal Hall shortly after 2 p.m.,” Houghton said.

However, the bikers refused to pull into the roadside check area that had been set up and instead, blocked the highway, refusing direction from officers. The showdown ended when outnumbered officers were faced with no choice but to let the group pass. Houghton said police “documented the refusals” and would follow up with appropriate enforcement.

“Seeing a large group of bikers rolling down the highway and through towns can be intimidating for the public and that is their intention — to intimidate,” Houghton said. “Today was yet another example of groups like the Hells Angels thinking they are above the law. CFSEU-BC and its policing partners will continue to monitor events like today’s and ensure the public’s safety by seizing every available and appropriate enforcement opportunity against those involved in organized crime.”

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