Stop Profiling Bikers

Police, FBI and others want to use these laws against normal people who work for a living and enjoy their motorcycle but than anything they want to do away with the lifestyle of the biker. For those of you who don’t live this lifestyle, if you are not in it you will never understand or get what it is all about. It is this lack of knowledge that feeds the ignorance of Law Enforcement Officials, Media, Society and Politicians. From this ignorance comes unjust laws that discriminate against a group people who are just like anyone else but choose to form a brotherhood or fraternity that signifies their way of life.

And for the this way of life that we choose to live we have been deemed “Gang Members”, which by their definition means:  Is a group of three or more individuals who engage in criminal activity and identify themselves with a common name or sign.

This could apply to Law Enforcement, NFL Teams, NBA Teams, Professional Soccer Teams, United States Postal Service, UPS, FED Ex; I think you get the point. Any establishment that wears a uniform and it’s members are involved in or commit crime(s) while under or acting for that entity is and can be considered a “Gang”. For instance Law Enforcement Officers commit crimes daily, on a regular basis. Why do they not fall under this law? And face the same punishment, they should be held to a higher standard as they are responsible for up-holding the laws which so many of them break on a regular basis. They violate people’s Constitutional Rights, falsely imprison people and even kill people.  Which brings me to the next law out there:


‘‘521. Criminal street gang prosecutions.
13 ‘‘§ 521. Criminal street gang prosecutions
14 ‘‘(a) STREET GANG CRIME.—Whoever commits, or
15 conspires, threatens or attempts to commit, a gang crime
16 for the purpose of furthering the activities of a criminal
17 street gang, or gaining entrance to or maintaining or in-
18 creasing position in such a gang, shall, in addition to being
19 subject to a fine under this title—

The professional sports teams all have a sign or symbol and wearing colors and uniforms, and commit crimes on and off the field or court. Why is there not justice there? We even video and play back there moments of violence over and over on TV. On that’s right their commissioner issues them a fine. That sounds really fair and just. And these are the people who “society” says we should have our kids look up to, along with cops who break them laws as well.

Then there is the “Biker” who gets the special treatment of: According to the FBI – VIOLENT GANG TASK FORCES target violent street gangs and their associates responsible for gang-related criminal activity. Additionally, they place a specific emphasis on the identification of the major violent street gangs/drug enterprises which pose significant threats to the integrity of our society. The FBI is identifying and targeting violent street gangs as a priority matter by utilizing SSTFs.

They have formed special task forces to go around and harass, violate basic Civil Rights and in some cases cause bodily hard or kill “Bikers”. This is our Justice System, which they say is not broken nor does it need to be reexamined. Despite people being released from jail after years of incarceration on a case that was falsely filed, false evidence and cops who lied about what happened.

Police do profile bikers, you can deny this, make whatever excuse you want to but Police Profiling Bikers is very in the United States of American. Just like Racism back in the day when Police Profiled Blacks, Police are doing it in 2013 but this time their target is Bikers of all races.

Don’t get me wrong I understand that there are criminals who ride bikes (motorcycles) but that does not mean everyone on a motorcycle is a criminal. Police have always used this type of mentality, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck it must be a duck, so arrest it. If that is the case then take a look at these links and information on Police Biker Clubs:

2 Investigators, BGA: Suburban Cops Form Motorcycle Club

MELROSE PARK, Ill. (CBS) — On-duty, they are police officers who took an oath to enforce the law.

Off-duty, they formed a motorcycle club that looks like it supports outlaw biker gangs.

And as Pam Zekman reports with the Better Government Association, law enforcement officials say they can’t do both

The Outlaws, an infamous motorcycle club known for violence used to protect its turf.

But when Melrose Park Police Sgt Nunzio Maiello founded the Reapers motorcycle club in 2005 he “actually reached out to the outlaws,a motorcycle club that’s been labeled a criminal enterprise by the justice department, to essentially ask permission to ride so there wouldn’t be any altercations,” said BGA Investigator Andy Shaw.

The Reapers also wore patches saying support the Outlaws. Not a good idea says an ATF agent who infiltrated criminal biker clubs.

“That signifies that they’re affiliated with or aligned with the Outlaws,” said the agent.

Then there’s the Reapers name and logo similar to the Grim Reapers, involved in everything from “drug distribution to violent beatings, home invasions, rapes and bombings,” said the ATF agent.

At least six Melrose park cops joined the Reapers despite all the controversial images.

A problem for David Bradford former president of the Illinois Association of Police Chiefs.

“If I raise my hand and I say to the public I swear to uphold the United States constitution, the laws of the community in which I live, and then I turn around and go out and I affiliate myself with an organization that is openly against what I held up my hand and swore to you. “How can you do that?” said Bradford

Bradford says a bar fight at Josephine’s Bar in Villa Park underscores the conflict.

A Villa Park Police report describes the battery of an off-duty Villa Park fireman allegedly hit and injured by a group of Reapers including Melrose Park Cops.

“The conflict was my responsibility as a police officer to preserve the peace,” said Bradford.

Melrose Park prohibits police from engaging in conduct that is unbecoming for an office or reflects unfavorably on the department.

CBS 2 showed Melrose Park Police Chief Sam Pitassi the findings

“I was deeply disturbed by it. This is not the image we want to portray,” he said.

His ultimatum.

“Do you want to be in a motorcycle club or do to want to be a policeman?”

Late last week, the cops disbanded the Reapers. Sgt Maiello told his chief they never intended to give a negative impression to the public. He said, they intended to have a drug and crime free club that promoted motorcycle safety.

The Reapers told CBS 2 they were not affiliated with the Outlaws, but wore the patches for protection. There were no charges in the bar fight because the firefigher would not press charges.

CBS 2 found no evidence that they violated any laws.

Here is a prime example of the type of injustice Police are involved in, this club has been involved in criminal activity do they fall under the “Gang” definition?

More of them:

B.A.D. Bikers Against Discrimination PREVIEW

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