It never ceases to amaze me that no one investigates the allegations of abuse by gang task force, mainstream media is quick to throw headlines together about gang task force arrested bikers as gang members, but you will never see a headline that tells the truth about how gang task force officers violate on a daily basis, the civil rights and constitutional right of bikers.  What will it take for government oversight to look into the illegal activities and actions of these unconstitutional groups of law enforcement.297902_10201025299862636_652253574_n


The members of these groups operate off of bad information in a poorly educated as to what a gang member really is, they harass and target anyone who wears a patch or has any type of support gear, patches, and stickers on their person, vehicles or motorcycles.  These groups are highly unconstitutional in the way they carry out their duties.



This document alone shows that they are basically standing in the dark and tried to pin gang titles on motorcycle club members.  Their intelligence to put it frankly is a joke.  They have no clue what they are doing, nor do they have any of their facts straight.


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