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Santa Cruz Gang Task Force Arrests Eight Bikers at Highway 1 and Mission

The Santa Cruz County Gang Task Force arrested eight out-of-county bikers Saturday at 5 p.m. charging them with reckless evading of a police officer, possession of loaded firearms, possession of a narcotic, possession of a deadly weapon and an out-of-state warrant.

Police stopped them before the intersection of Highway 1 and Mission, northbound.

Arrested were: Chuck Vankirk, 32, San Leandro, for reckless evading; Michael Gamboa, 34, Pittsburg, for recless evading, possession of a loaded firearm, possession of a dangerous weapon, gang crimes; Raymond Simms, 29, Manteca, for possession of a narcotic without prescription and gang crime; Matthew Hammore, Fremont, for reckless evading and an out-of-county warrant; Chad Thomas, 28, for reckless evading; Thomas Shaw, 28, of Concord, for reckless evading; and Alan Moffett, Discovery Bay for an unspecified charge.

The information was released by gang task force commander Mario Sulay.

Santa Cruz has been a focus of biker gang violence since last year when a fight broke out over territory at the downtown StarbucksĀ between the Hells Angels and the Vagos.