Street Vibrations Profiling Against Bikers

By now most of you are now finding out that Street Vibrations is now enforcing a “no colors or no patches” at the event and most hotels are enforcing this rule also. I never will understand this type of behavior by businesses and law enforcement who is always behind these types of questionable illegal actions.

This is discrimination no matter how you slice the pie or how you try to justify to actions of a few who choose to involve themselves in actions that are negative but are not the faults of every biker or person wearing a patch.

I am person who rides a motorcycle and lives this style of bikers and club events, parties etc, so I guess you can call me biker, my friends are bikers and club members. When a business, city, event or police department discriminate against people who are in clubs or where certain colors, they discriminate against me too. I am a PROUD supporter of clubs and I proudly wear some support colored patches, so now that Reno, NV (Street Vibrations) has enforced a ban of people who wear colors or patches, I guess I am one of them.

It is time for us to show cities like this how much it can hurt when you discriminate against bikers or clubs by enforcing discriminating rules to not allow us to be free to express who we are. It is time for us to heard and the best way to do that is to not give Reno, NV your money. Street Vibrations has forgot who really makes this event work, BIKERS & MOTORCYCLE CLUBS! Who come to your city and spend their hard earned money.


Nugget Bans Motorcycle Gang ‘Colors’

SPARKS, NV – Ask anyone who has been around the event and they will tell you the people who show up for Street Vibrations are by and large every day folks who just happen to like to ride.

All are welcome and few cause problems.

But we learned last September during the big fall event, there are elements in this crowd that can be volatile.

Tensions between members of the Hells Angels and the Vagos motorcycle gangs erupted into a brawl on the casino floor. Then shots were fired. One man, the president of a Hells Angels chapter was killed.

In the aftermath, Nugget officials looked for ways to keep it from happening again.

“We looked at shopping malls, public places. We talked with properties in Las Vegas, Laughlin,” says Nugget Executive Vice President Stephen Ascuaga.

The result was a property-wide code of conduct, including a ban on any club “colors,” the distinctive vests and other gear bearing club or gang logos that members wear.

“Really in posting no colors it was an opportunity to say ‘here at John Ascuaga’s Nugget we have a great environment, but here are the things you go by.”

The policy was adopted months ago, but this spring rally will be its first test at such an event.

“We spent a lot of time with the Sparks Police Department how to handle this, how they would support us, but they would be there to help enforce it and actually we have had guests and they’ve been very understanding.”

Out on the street, of course, bikers can wear what they please, but they will be asked to leave it at the door when entering the Nugget.

Others are making their own decisions. At least one other Victorian Square business, Great Basin Brewing, says it will follow the same policy.

Checkout the vendor contract for Street Vibrations: 2012.Contract.StreetVibes_spring

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4 thoughts on “Street Vibrations Profiling Against Bikers

    In order to ensure a safe environment for all, Silver Legacy Resort Casino is joining many major area resorts in adopting a ‘no colors’ policy for the duration of Street Vibrations weekend, Sept. 19 – 23. This means articles of clothing with a motorcycle club affiliation logo or colors will not be permitted anywhere in the public area of these resorts. Anyone wearing a club affiliation logo or colors will be asked to remove the item or depart from the public areas. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation and we look forward to a fun event!

    If there is anything else that you need, don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Best regards,

    Tracy Soliday,Publicist
    Silver Legacy Resort Casino
    407 N. Virginia Street
    Reno, NV 89501
    Office: 775.325.7343
    Cell: 775.842.8149

  2. Feel free to drop them an email.

  3. just wondering, but are you saying that you cant even be in reno with colors on or you cant be in any casino with colors on?

  4. Not only did I “drop them an email,” I posted on the Street Vibrations and Roadshows, Inc. Facebook pages….

    An open letter to Street Vibrations:

    Our family has been coming to enjoy Street Vibes for years…

    I simply want to say “on record” I think that the “No Colors Event” rule is unfortunate. I get that a few can spoil it for many; nevertheless, my husband belongs to a Christian-based Motorcycle Club, “Gorilla Gospel” and this law-abiding “outlaw” club has decided to ban the event.

    Personally, this makes me sad.

    A Colors Ban will not stop the historical feuding, or any personal vendettas, between HAs and Vagos, etc., and I doubt that the city of Reno, Sparks or Virginia City will have sufficient enforcement in place to stop anything should they decide to roll in and make their point. Sure privately owned businesses may make their own policies, but is the community indeed prepared for Marshall Law?

    I am not sure how Reno/Sparks are going to really enforce the No Colors Event. I believe you have simply provoked the very ones you were attempting to suppress.

    (My son is a Sergeant First Class (SFC) in the Army. He has heroically served our country for 13 years in multiple tours in Iraq and other wars. Shall we call out the Oregon National Guard to help? lol.)

    We’ll see if revenues suffer, because the truth is MCs are what have made Street Vibes the event it is. Yes, I have been a pure motorcycle enthusiast since I was a kid, but I am also the wife of a national MC officer… who happens to have a law degree.

    We live in the United States of America. Our constitution ensures our religious freedom and freedom of expression/speech. I also understand that not all “free speech” is protected: “Fighting words” (legal term) …words that illicit violence. In other words, there is no absolute freedom of speech under the 1st Amendment. Still, there is a price to pay for discrimination (i.e., Profits taking a dive. Recent case in point: Chick-fil-A.).

    And, profiling people with patches –should anyone want to test the law—may land the City in a court of law. I hope it does.


    Lori Bumgardner-Adair, MPA
    Eugene, Oregon

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