SF Mayor Considering Police Stop-and-Frisk Policy

Waking up to this type of stupidity is always great, Mayor Lee is an idiot for even considering this because it will not solve you crime problems and will violate people’s basic 4th. Amendment Rights.  beware if you are rolling thru San Francisco. And if you live their why did you vote this idiot into office. When will politician realize you will never stop crime, people will always commit crime. How instead of taking power from the people how about giving it back to the people to protect themselves.  Well, read below how they are trying to rob us of our rights even more.

SAN FRANCISCOSan Francisco Mayor Ed Lee says he’s considering implementation of the stop-and-frisk policy used in New York and Philadelphia to reduce crime.

Lee told the San Francisco Chronicle ( http://bit.ly/MyIhsm) editorial board on Wednesday that police officers need stop-and-frisk to get guns off the streets.

Civil rights groups have criticized stop-and-frisk as racial profiling, saying the policy disproportionately affects Hispanics and blacks. Thousands of demonstrators marched through New York’s streets this month to protest stop-and-frisk.

The mayor, a former civil rights lawyer, concedes the policy is controversial and says he will tagged for racial profiling.

Lee says he wants to explore the idea after discussing the policy with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.


One thought on “SF Mayor Considering Police Stop-and-Frisk Policy

  1. mcansg says:

    Can you say recall?

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