LA Calendar Show 2012 – No Patches “These idiots do nothing for the community”

The biker/motorcycle lifestyle has been around since the 20th Century, where it got it’s simple start from soldiers as they returned from the war and found the motorcycle to be a way to help them coupe with things. This is a brief explanation of the how this way of life got started but the focus here is that it was a simple beginning.

As years have gone by and the biker/motorcycle lifestyle has gone and evolved into movement that reaches around the world. Unfortunately, we have leaches, fakes, thieves and others who portray themselves as members and supports of this way community and lifestyle so that they may turn a profit.

With that said many of you have attended the LA Calendar Motorcycle Show started out as a great “biker” event in Long Beach California. But as most of you know over the years Law Enforcement has been putting “illegal” stipulations on events and business owners to not allow “colors or patches” into their events or establishments. This is a questionable practice that discriminates against “bikers, motorcyclists and club members” who choose to wear a certain type of clothing or dress a certain way. Below is some information that you may find interesting about the LA Calendar Show. Also beware the guy is trying to throw people with miss stated where the event will be by posting the Calabasas Inn and Calabasas Country Club as the possible locations.

LA Calendar Show’s Club Color Policy:
The LA Calendar Motorcycle Show when held at the Queen Mary in Long Beach the last 11 years, always had a “No Colors” rule required and enforced by the Long Beach Police and the Queen Mary property holders, not the LA Calendar Show

Now that the Calendar Show is moving to a the Calabasas Inn, (Corrected after looking at their website) we can and do allow in anyone and on our website it clearly states it is “Open to all Club Colors. But it also says we will not allow in “Outlaw Club Colors” – because some outlaw biker gangs are back on a killing spree recently. And last month 17 Vagos were arrested by an L.A.P.D. task force for drug trafficking and murder.

The LA Calendar Show has a legal and moral right to protect our spectators, the neighborhood and the community where the Show takes place, and to keep out known criminal gangs and murders. And not have group of straight pipe Harleys riding into a quiet upscale residential neighborhood and Country Club on a Sunday morning with illegal bikes.

We are requesting the LAPD and CHP to patrol the residential roads coming to the Show to enforce the California Vehicle Codes, and assure all spectators coming to the show will not be harassed.

The owners and promoter of the LA Calendar Show explains here why he does not want club members to attend his event:

“This controversy started because a bike club organizer who we gave much free exhibitor space to at past shows to bring in his sportbike clubs, I had to reduce his free space for his clubs this year. This pissed him off and started him off on this boycott campaign. In a free county he can do anything he wants.

We tried to reason with him, and we did remove the ban posted on our website regarding banning Outlaw Colors for a few days, but then he came back and demanded a written apology from us on our website and Facebook, and an open invitation to the Vagos and Hells Angles to attend the Show. Which is not going to happen.

These idiots do nothing for the community, they break the laws and annoy people with their presence, and they do not spend money with our vendors and exhibitors at the Show. These known outlaw gangs only go to bike events in groups to intimidate people and bolster their egos, and steal motorcycles out of the parking lots.

This boycott campaign helps assure that no outlaw gang members in colors will come to the Calendar Show, and assures it will be a safe event for everyone who does come. So in effect, they are helping to get the word out to the very people we don’t want at the Show, not to come

Anything you can do to get the word out that the Calendar Show wants to protect our fellow motorcyclists and give them a great day of entertainment would be greatly appreciated. We do not violate anyone’s civil rights. We are at a Private County Club which like any fine restaurant, school or work environment does have a dress code. And it will be enforced as we see fit.”

As a member of the biker/motorcycle lifestyle I find this very disturbing, what’s next will they decide to not allow Blacks and Mexicans because they according to “criminal statics” commit more crimes than other races. He is so proud to say he is not discriminating anyone’s “civil rights”, this type of person and this type of thinking is disturbing because language is selective discrimination.


The promoter of the LA Calendar Show/ is quick to be so judge Bikers/Motorcycle Club Members as criminals and murders when he is a “PORN PEDDLER“.

I took the liberty to search around his site and click on various links that his has on his site and look what I found:

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Don’t get me wrong I personally don’t think Porn and naked ladies too, it is not bad but when you are pointing fingers at Bikers/Motorcycle Club Members calling them criminals and murders but you are making a profit off of the “Lifestyle” that these same Bikers/Motorcycle Clubs pave the way for you and all the rest of us to enjoy.And just like Hollywood you take advantage of the ‘Lifestyle” and turn a profit off of it by dissecting it and choosing what parts you want to take advantage of just like MTV and producers of the reality show Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory.

So, the LA Calendar Show/ which will be as I see it discriminating against Bikers/Motorcycle Club Members from attending it’s 2012 LA Calendar Motorcycle Show & Concours d’ Elegance at the Calabasas Inn – Sunday July 22nd. I amazed that a guy who promotes himself as a being Mr. “Calabasas Country Club” and so worried about the safety of residences of the neighborhood and people who will be attending that is “family” oriented has so much pornographic material and links on his website which is easily assessable to children under the age.


Russ Brown, who is so openly in support of the LA Calendar Show/ and always has his booth at these shows where he tries to sell that he is a “Biker” attorney, it takes more than just riding a motorcycle to belong to this “lifestyle” you got to earn it by standing up against those who try to rob us of our basic freedoms, to ride and wear what we want. You obviously did not get this memo.

If you would like to express your feelings please free to contact the man behind all this:

Gianatsis Design, 4801 Reforma Road, Woodland Hills, CA 91364 USA
Phone (01) 818.223.8550 • Fax (01) 818.223.8590 •

Source: LA Calendar Show


One thought on “LA Calendar Show 2012 – No Patches “These idiots do nothing for the community”

  1. The LA Calendar Show in Southern California is owned by an individual who is really out of touch with bikers, motorcycle riders, motorcycle club members and those who support this way of life.

    He completely disrespecting the people who have paved the for him to even put on a show like the La Calendar which main focus is motorcycles. I don’t even see how he can attract vendors, so let me get this right, hold a bike show but I don’t like bikers. I am quite sure your vendors will sell a lot of stuff.

    I attended one of these LA Calendar Shows, was very disappointed from the moment I arrived. First, the show was way over priced, had only about 10 vendors and a few bike builders. It was so small we covered it in a matter of minutes. I spent more time say hi to people I know than actually covering the show.

    He promoted “Playboy” at his big party for the builders and other “VIP’s” which was to be held on the Queen Mary. We showed up and found so some of the bike builders there, and that was about it. A band played music but there was no “Playboy” models, but the party next door which was a high school reunion crashed our party and made it fun. WOW!

    The next day (Sat.) we arrived to find a very dead LA Calendar Show, the bikers that arrived were treated rude by security personnel, they were not allowed to take products the had purchased from vendors out to their bikes to put away so they did not have to carry it around. Security told them if you go out you will not be allowed to come back in. The law enforcement present made sure they targeted people who were wearing patches, motorcycle vest and dressed like bikers. They made people (bikers) take their motorcycle vest off and return them to their bikes, take off any type of knife. It was crazy, they were jacking people up.

    I will never support this show.

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