California – Are San Jose Cops illegally Profiling Motorcycle Clubs For ‘Driving While Biker’?

This is an old newspaper article which was written August 16, 2011 by San Jose Mercury News. Prior to the writing of this I had never been to the San Jose Henchmen Clubhouse. I can testify that San Jose Police Department profiles not only the members but anyone who comes to the clubhouse. They sit outside of the clubhouse on the street with their patrol units blacked out stalking waiting for someone to come out and get on their bike and leave so they follow them and pull them over. This is bullying, profiling and harassing of motorcyclist and the club members. I was there one night and witnessed San Jose Police act like “gang members” waiting on and picking on innocent people.

More from the article;

“Big” Ed Aki doesn’t want your sympathy.

Really, the only thing the 54-year-old chip designer and former Marine wants is a night-black Harley Electra Glide full of high octane, a herd of brothers stretching out along a dry highway first thing in the morning — and to be left the hell alone.
Aki is co-founder of the Henchmen, an outlaw San Jose motorcycle club. And he’s in no mood to discuss the irony of his leather-vested, battle-ax-emblazoned posse demanding their civil rights to stop their most pernicious rivals from hounding them.
No, not the Mongols. The San Jose police.”

“They’ve hired a lawyer and filed an official complaint with the city’s Office of the Independent Police Auditor. They contend the police are illegally profiling them for DWB, Driving While Biker, and the city’s code enforcement unit is digging up zoning beefs to run them out of town.
This, from the start, poses a difficult challenge for the Henchmen: Should a biker inked up with skull tattoos who proudly calls himself an outlaw expect the same constitutional protections as you do? “

Are they serious with this damn question, should bikers have or expect to be protected under the constitution, are you F*&King kidding me? leave it to the media to say something as stupid as this. When every freaking group out there is getting special treatment, consideration, protection, rights, etc. All except bikers!

There is something seriously wrong with America, the Justice System and Courts when law Enforcement is allowed to discriminate and violate our rights. Media does not help our cause either as they see us as criminals and low-lifes.

We need to stand and fight, make them hear us and respect us.

Read the full article: Bikers of America

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One thought on “California – Are San Jose Cops illegally Profiling Motorcycle Clubs For ‘Driving While Biker’?

  1. I had to re-visit this issue.

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