Why Is It Important For Bikers/Motorcycle Riders To Document Police Encounters?

Recently, law enforcement officials have intensified their harassment of individuals who are members or associates of motorcycle clubs.  Local police departments, including the San Francisco Police Department, consider many motorcycle clubs to be gangs.[1]  Very commonly, police officers will harass bikers or attempt to obtain information about bikers by pulling them over while they are riding their motorcycles

A number of Constitutional rights are violated when bikers are unlawfully pulled over.  For example, bikers have the right to be free of unlawful searches and seizures, a right that is violated when police officers conduct a search or an arrest without probable cause, or when police officers stop, question, and conduct a pat-down without reasonable suspicion that the person is about to commit a crime. Source: William Weiss

1. It shows there is a problem.

2. It starts a paper trail so that the officer(s) and department can be held accountable.

3. It serves as evidence.

4. It will help you record what happen and may be used in court to prove your innocence.

These are just a few but possibly the most important. With that said we here at Police Profiling Patches have created a form which will help capture this information for you. If you would like to use our Complaint Form which is on a password protected page and requires a password which may only be obtained by contacting us.



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