Governor’s Anti-Gang Plan Explained In East County

While doing a search for Gang Task Force, I am came across this document, a media.

Governor’s anti-gang plan explained in East County

WHO: Nancy Bennett of the Governor’s Office details anti-gang initiative
WHAT: East County Gang Task Force meeting
WHERE: East County Boys & Girls Club, 1001 Stoneman Ave., Pittsburg
WHEN: Tuesday, June 19. The Task Force meeting starts at 9 a.m. followed by
the governor’s representative at 10 a.m.
INFO: Ed Diokno, (925) 427-8138
Nancy Bennett, the Deputy Director of the Governor’s Office in San Francisco, will address the East County Gang Task Force at 10 a.m., June 19, Tuesday in Pittsburg. She will explain and answer questions about Governor Schwarzenegger’s anti-gang initiative that he announced May 25.

The governor’s plan is to create a coordinated statewide strategy to combat gang violence in California. The California Gang Reduction, Intervention and Prevention Program (CalGRIP) will target more than $48 million in state and federal funding toward local anti-gang efforts, including job training, education and intervention programs, and will give law enforcement the tools to closely track gang leaders both inside state prisons and when they are released on parole.

You got to love that they are funding these Gang Task Force Units with your tax dollars, yes that rights, most bikers or people who ride motorcycles have jobs and families and pay taxes. So, in other words we are your boss, are you kidding me. Our Politicians are idiots and blind to the truth.

A growing number of Californians are living a nightmare trapped inside their homes, afraid to come out unless they absolutely have to. That’s because in many of our cities, whole neighborhoods are terrorized and intimidated by street gangs. Kids are scared to go to school and parents are terrified for their safety,” said Gov. Schwarzenegger.

Here is I have a problem with this, the last time I checked bikers and people ride motorcycles don’t hang around schools picking on kids.And we don’t patrol neighborhoods threatening home owners. We are to busy riding on the freeway and going to bike events which are not even close to neighborhoods.

“The State spends hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars on education job training and substance abuse treatment every year – with no focused coordination on gang activities. We need a comprehensive approach to gang violence that provides a statewide framework with long-term solutions,” said the governor.

All this money spent on training and these Gang Task Force cops are still idiots and dumb to what is really going do on the motorcycle scene, they target people who have nothing to do with crime. They are nothing more than bullies, they don’t document any of their traffic stops where they beat up on people and violate our rights. I would like to see the percentages of people they pull over stop and arrest to see how many are near schools and are threatening a neighborhood where a call came from a person in their home where a biker or person on a motorcycle was the reason for them being called out.

To fight these Gang Task Foruce Units which are beating us, violating our rights and looking to take away our basic freedom to ride. We need to start a paper trail, document ever time you have an encounter with them. That is why I have made this site Police Profiling Patches so can have a place to share information about these dirty cops, what cities are the worst, which officers are the worst and then take this information and use it to get them disciplined or fired. But you must do something, I can only give you the tool but you got to use it.

Contra Costa County Supervisor Federal Glover called together the East County Gang Task two years ago. It is composed of law enforcement, school administrators, city officials, probation, courts, youth service groups and the faith community.

Source: Contra Costa County

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One thought on “Governor’s Anti-Gang Plan Explained In East County

  1. Kevin Lary says:

    yea cococounty police profiling, that they do and dont run video eather, need to carry your own vedo cam for your protiction….

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