Should Lane Splitting Be Legal?

Here is the “Official” report done by OTS “Office of Traffic Safety” that is must see for all who love this way life of riding your motorcycle and the freedom to split lanes and not be stuck in traffic while our motorcycle over heat. Lane Splitting Survey. You can take the survey that counts for us right here.

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5 thoughts on “Should Lane Splitting Be Legal?

  1. […] Take part in a poll that ask the; “Should Splitting Lane Be Legal?“ […]

  2. For those you who don’t know OTS is taking surveys about this issue, we need to get our opinion on the table before this freedom is stripped from us. Don’t wait until it’s to late, here is chance to have your vote count.

  3. The only people I know that dont like lane splitting, dont ride motorcycles so they have no upside to consider or relate to. They only see that the lane splitter gets to go, while they feel they are forced to wait. But they are NOT forced to wait, they choose to wait when they choose a car for transportation.

  4. […] Lane splitting or “filtering” refers to the ability of a motorcycle to slip between traffic, and while some riders swear by it, others consider it too dangerous to consider. While it’s legal in most of Europe and many parts of the world, the practice is Illegal in all states except California, where it’s generally tolerated… that said, several states are considering legalizing it. Do you think they should? Take the survey here. […]

  5. mcansg says:

    The NCOM Legislative Task Force is working with me on counter strategies using data and materials other states are putting together, seeking legislation for advancement. We need to create and conduct our own surveys and begin socializing them. Again, since this is an election year, we should also work with legislators in our local districts to determine their position and help get their support to not pursue a bill, removing this option for us here in CA.

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